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Multi Language, Multi Location Patient Portal

Getting to the heart of what patients need through scalp cooling
Project Overview

Having worked with Paxman for a number of years and originally developing the first iteration of their patient portal coldcap.com, we were asked to help them deliver version 2. Whilst the first site delivered for patients, version 2 had the opportunity to be better through understanding the strengths and weaknesses of its predecessor. Paxman needed a site that catered to multiple markets and multiple languages that allowed patients to make an informed decision about Scalp Cooling.

Project Highlights
  • Custom developed outcomes calculator

  • Multi Language & Location content development

  • Bespoke locations finder


Paxman has been pioneering scalp cooling technology for over a quarter of a century to support patients and minimize hair loss during chemotherapy. Their clinically proven scalp cooling system helps tens of thousands of cancer patients every year, in more than 60 countries worldwide, to retain their hair during chemotherapy.

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Making it happen

Using the insight the Paxman team had gathered into how patients used the existing portal, along with their understanding & decision-making of the scalp cooling process, this enabled them to produce clear goals for the project. Working with the Paxman team we produced a map of the current site which was used to shape the new patient journey. With the journey mapped we worked with their in-house design team to structure the site and patient journey. Tapping into available patient outcome data we built a bespoke calculator that allowed patients to see their projected results based on their chemotherapy and dosage.

How we made a difference

Working with their in-house design team we were able to help shape the user experience, which supported the patient journey that was so important. With a bespoke developed language and location solution built into the WordPress CMS, country and language-specific content was made simple and easy to manage for the team delivering a tailored patient experience. As a specialist WordPress agency, we were able to deliver a completely custom website built around business goals and patient needs.


From the first briefing meeting, we knew were in safe hands, and the team made me feel calm and confident that what we wanted to achieve was going to be possible. Communication was great throughout and the approach to working with myself and the team felt responsive and focused. We encountered several challenges throughout the project as we had to adjust the requirements of the website regarding translation and country-specific content. Fallen Leaf was able to deliver a solution that far exceeded my expectations.

The calmness and confidence that Fallen Leaf demonstrated allowed a somewhat stressful project to feel so much more achievable and enjoyable and I appreciate every single bit of work that Adam and the team delivered which was always above and beyond.

The end result is even better than I had hoped and even though the website has only been live for a couple of weeks, we have received lots of positive feedback internationally, and have begun to see the positive impact the website will make on a vulnerable patient population.

Susy Brown - Head of Brand & Marketing
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