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WordPress Support Packages

Business continuity with added peace of mind
Protect your investment with pro-active support from the WordPress experts

Your website is an investment in your business. It’s important to protect that investment by making sure it always performs at its best. Even the simplest websites require regular security, software and content updates to remain relevant and healthy. We offer a range of support packages that take the hassle out of website maintenance.

You can trust us to keep on top of all the tasks necessary to keep your website up, running and working hard for your business.

What's included in our support plans...

Dedicated Support Time

Our plans include up to 8 hours of dedicated support time a month, which can be used to add features, tweak functionality, update content, whatever you need. Were here for you.

Website Software Updates

Outdated software can leave your site vulnerable. We’ll check for the latest security patches and software updates, and apply them straight away.

Security Monitoring

We’ll regularly scan your site for known security issues and vulnerabilities so we can act even before any fixes or updates are released. We’ll also monitor the internet to make sure your site is never blacklisted.

Up-time Monitoring

If your website goes down, business could suffer. We’ll continually check your site is available and working, addressing issues before your users even notice them.

Performance Monitoring

We’ll keep a check on your site’s performance and load times to ensure they’re always under Google’s benchmark and delivering a great experience to your visitors.

Priority Support

If you do ever have a problem, rest assured you’ll have our full and immediate attention. Our support helpdesk is just a phone call or email away.

Regular Reporting

We’ll keep you updated on how your site is performing and any actions we’ve had to take. The report includes insights into who’s visiting your site, how fast it’s loading, any identified security issues and, if you have an online store, a sales snap shot.

6-monthly Site Review

The digital environment is evolving quickly. We’ll review your site every six months and make recommendations to ensure it’s keeping up with the latest technology and working as hard as it can.
Not sure what plan you need?
Don’t worry, we can review your website free of charge and recommend a plan that best suits your business. Fill in your details across and we’ll be in touch.

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