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Supporting a local charity and creating a national impact

About ‘She Was Just Walking Home’

She Was Just Walking Home are on a mission to create a safer environment for women and girls in the UK. In the wake of the death of Sarah Everard, founder Felix Eaton wanted to start a conversation and make positive changes for the safety of women and girls on the street. By bringing attention to this unfortunate matter, She Was Just Walking Home helps to recognise the issue women face and is an encouraging the first step in creating a more safer community for everyone. By opening this conversation, the website aims to gain security and to reclaim our streets.

Let’s start the conversation

She Was Just Walking Home (SWJWH) seeks to create positive conversation and helps to educate about what constitutes appropriate behaviour. Speaking not only to women and girls about sexual harassment and consent, SWJWH aims to reach out to boys in our society and educate them on their behaviours and its impact. The aim is to encourage boys and men into asking “How can we help?”, and “let’s ask women about their experiences and listen to their answers”. Encouraging individuals to revise their own behaviour in the light of their new-found knowledge.

Positive action for charity ROSA

By supporting She Was Just Walking Home, your contributions support the charity, ROSA. ROSA is a grant making organisation that funds grassroots women’s organisations working to make the UK a fairer, safer place for women and girls. The organisation works within communities to change the message for young women and educate them on violence, economic security, and better access to healthcare.

Changing the laws in the UK

As part of this movement and making positive changes in the UK, SWJWH want to apply pressure to the UK Government around the current laws and actions that can be taken against inappropriate behaviour. The website that Fallen Leaf created aims to help introduce new laws that can police sexual harassment including groping and kerb crawling in public space. You can sign the petition and contact your local MP, regarding supporting these changes.

Spread the message of She Was Just Walking Home

If you would like to support She Was Just Walking Home, you can represent the cause with a pin badge. Fallen Leaf Web Design created an ecommerce function on the website, allowing visitors to ‘check out’ on the site and support the cause..

Director Adam Welsh of Fallen Leaf Web Design says “When Fallen Leaf had the opportunity to work with She Was Just Walking Home, we knew that we wanted to get involved and support this movement. As a parent and husband, I understand that changes need to happen to create a better future for our children. We were happy to contribute by providing this website.”

To find out more about She Was Just Walking Home, visit their website or follow them on social media.

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