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Why you should use ALT text on your website images

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What Is Alt Text?

Alt text is also referred to as alt attributes, and it’s used within an HTML code to describe the appearance and function of the image on the page.

  • Alt text is a web accessibility principle, especially for visually-impaired users.
  • Alt text is displayed in place of the image if the image cannot be loaded.
  • Alt text provides search engine crawlers better image content or descriptions that will allow them to index the image properly.

That said, one of the digital marketing trends in 2020 is an image search. Similar to the rise in popularity of voice search, users searching for an image is rapidly increasing. That is a reliable indicator that website owners and digital marketers must pay more attention to alt text this year.

If you want your website to rank and become relevant on SERPs, then it won’t hurt to add an alt text to your images. Today, it’s safe to say that alt text remains to be an essential factor that you should pay attention to when marketing your site and doing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Why Alt Text Is Essential

Alt text is essential because it indicates that the website has accessible web design. Today, making your website accessible may help boost your rankings on search engines. Search engines are becoming more user-focused, which means that they rank websites that bring the most value and relevance to users. If your website has alt text, it contributes to better website accessibility that ultimately leads to a great user experience.

Another thing is that alt text contributes to SEO strategies. You can add your keywords to your alt text to ensure that it appears on relevant searches.

To create good alt text, you need to describe the image as specifically as possible. Additionally, you need to keep the alt text as short as you can. It’s advisable to keep the character count at a maximum of 125. To boost your SEO and other marketing strategies, add your keywords to it. Keywords in alt text may be a signal to search engines that your page is highly relevant to a specific search query.

There are quite a number of alt text rules that you need to learn if you plan to implement it on your site. It’s vital that you learn about these rules to apply alt text properly to your images.

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