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A picture really can paint a thousand words… (Well, maybe not a thousand but pretty close!)

As internet connections have become ever faster, websites have taken full advantage with great high-quality images and graphics that simply wouldn’t load just a decade or two ago.

Image quality often lets down an otherwise excellent website design. Yet having eye-catching, high-quality imagery for your website can easily set you apart from your competitors. We can of course supply stock imagery for our web and graphic design projects, but for real impact, no picture sells your business more effectively than high-quality photography of your products, projects or teams.

What’s in the bag?

Well in our photography bag, there’s quite a lot! We’ve invested heavily in advanced camera equipment, lighting, screens, tripods and much more to provide us with the finest tools for any job. Together, our kit and expertise capture your business in the best possible light.

Fallen Leaf Web Design understand today’s web, but that is not what makes them stand apart. They also understand today’s business world, and how to look after customers. They have a rapid response rate to any support requests, and their staff have a clear understanding of our needs.

David Domoney – TV Celebrity

Team photos

Team photos give your business a real, human face and personality. They’re a great way to connect with your customers and start to build a relationship even before they even pick up the phone.

Friendly faces mean any potential customer knows who they’re speaking to and as the saying goes “people buy from people”.

Product Photos

E-commerce websites rely heavily on product information and photography in order to make sales. Unlike a brick- and-mortar shop, your e-commerce website has no sales staff on hand, no product to touch and feel, and the buyer’s purchasing decision is made entirely on what they see on the product page. Attractive, high quality product imagery showcases your products at their best and makes them stand head and shoulders above the competition.

It’s all in the edit

Great images don’t end with the photo shoot. Having the skills to edit and work the images once captured plays an important part in making sure your images look their best. We’ve edited all kinds of imagery from hotels to historical artefacts, so we know how to make your images really pop!

latest projects

Check out some projects we have had the pleasure to work on recently or view our portfolio for more examples of our work. Looking for something specific? we have worked on hundreds of projects across all sectors so if you don't find an example similar to yours; get in touch and we can draw on our experience to advise on your project.

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