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Walk the Social Talk - 4 Social Media Content Ideas to Try

A huge part of social media management is content creation. You need to be constantly streaming with relevant content, as your brand needs to be engaging and attractive on a day-to-day basis. While it may seem exciting at the beginning, it quickly becomes an ordeal that merely slows you down.

Contrary to what many may believe, creating consistent and equally valuable content is no easy feat. But as with many business challenges, the best option is to sit back and take things slowly.

To help get your creative juices flowing, here are some of the best social media ideas you must take into consideration, gathered from the experts—let’s start!

1. Question & Answer Day

You may be answering a steady stream of questions every single day, so why not make content out of that? Instead of answering every comment and messaging asking the same questions, go live on your social media platform, and answer the questions collectively!

A video is a powerful tool that commands time and attention, much more than words ever can. Make it fun and engaging for your audience, and make sure to give them a shout out during the session!

2. Showcase your employees

It’s one thing to be following a faceless brand, but quite another to know who’s behind it. Your brand immediately becomes more compelling with faces to see—your audiences are human beings after all, and it’ll be comforting to know that you’re not just another automated response or chatbot. People also enjoy who makes your brand successful and engaging, so begin a little project of showcasing your employees!

Initiate a little photoshoot at the office and begin from there. Talk about their roles, dreams, aspirations, and how working for your business has changed their lives. Your audiences crave for more human connections—it’s best to deliver!

3. Interview a loyal customer

They may not be aware of it, but your audiences look for social cues that let them know you’re a brand to trust. This is true for the rest of the world—you’ll hardly do business with someone you didn’t know, trust, and like.

The same mentality applies to your brand. To build better connections and gain more audiences, you’ll need to let people know that you’re credible and trustworthy. What better way to do that than through a testimonial? Invite a loyal customer for an interview to talk about your products and services.

4. Talk about your story

Your brand came from somewhere. Your humble beginnings are definitely worth sharing, as with your journey to success. You have undergone ups and downs that honed your skills and values, and every milestone has made your business the way it is now.

People are connected through stories, and it’s the reason why many of the biggest brands to date remain successful—they tell stories. They weave words that are imbued with emotions, one that draws people in. Share the pieces of your story and let your audiences know who your brand truly is.

Share Your Truths on Social Media

Coming up with fresh and relevant content to share on social media can be exhausting. However, it’s necessary to keep your brand alive and kicking, well enough to last you through the years. The dawn of the digital age has made online presence a currency you cannot trade for anything.

While it can be difficult to constantly create, social media is also dynamic. It opens up perspectives and inspires new ideas. All you need to do is listen to what your audiences want and need.

If you’re in need of a social media marketing agency in Huddersfield, Fallen Leaf Web Design offers the best possible solutions. Let’s talk about ideas—reach out to our talented team today!

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