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Tips for Recruitment Company Web Site Design

  1. Professionally-designed pages 

First impressions matter, both in job interviews and in real life. On the internet, your website’s recruitment page gives prospective employees a first impression of your company. Make your landing page visually appealing by using clean, simple layouts that readily provide the information job seekers are looking for.

On average, a page visitor takes seconds to decide if they will stay on your page. If you do not capture their attention upon landing on your website, you can lose their interest in seconds. Give them a simple structure to follow by having well-placed buttons and links that clearly show the different portions of your recruitment page. Keep your navigation structure straightforward and do not create subpage upon subpage, when instead you can fit the necessary information in one window.

Get a web designer to choose graphic design elements for you, such as icons, themes, and fonts that are in line with your brand personality.

  1. A structure optimized for search engines 

Having a visually appealing site is one thing, but making it appeal to algorithms is another. If your website looks beautiful but it does not rank with search engines, it will not do its job and get your company’s job openings in front of people who may be interested. Optimize your webpage for searches. Make sure each page has a title, a meta description, and keywords that job seekers might be using in their search.

  1. An easy to use job board system

Use an optimized job board as well. Job boards diversify your pool of candidates, which makes for a good mix of interviewees. A board showing plenty of job openings will be attractive to job seekers, and though they may not qualify for all the jobs advertised, the fact that you are hiring for a variety of positions shows that you are serious about growing your company.

Job boards also have more keywords, which means more searches on which your website will appear. A web design company can help you with the technicalities of setting up and operating a job board on your recruitment page.

  1. Testimonials from clients 

Another thing prospective employees might search for are testimonials from your clients. A well-written testimonial can help persuade someone to put extra effort into their application. It can also convince them to put your company as their first instead of their second or third choice. Testimonials are tricky, though. If they are overwhelmingly positive, they might sound like marketing copy for your brand. If they are negative, though, you will definitely turn candidates off.

Get a satisfied client to talk about their experience quantitatively; encourage them to explain how your product or service helped them in terms of hours gained, revenue earned, or another thing that can be seen from an objective perspective.

  1. Content that sells 

A recruitment website that has spelling and grammar errors will be an immediate deal-breaker for many jobseekers or clients. Before a page goes live, inspect it for mistakes in phrasing or typography. Your content should sell your company as a good place to work in, and skipping the proofreading stage builds all sorts of negative connotations in people’s minds.


Your website should reflect your company goals and values, whether you are launching a new product on it or looking for new people to hire. Having a well-constructed recruitment portal should encourage talented people to check your company out and decide if your company may be a fit for them.

For recruitment company web design in Huddersfield, get in touch with Fallen Leaf today.

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