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The Top 4 Features of a Builders' Website

Builder companies like yours can also benefit from a well-constructed website. If this is something you want to pursue for your business, take note of the four striking features that you should include in a website to distinguish yourself from your competitors:

1. A user-friendly navigation

The basics of a successful (and fully functional) website are legible headers, to-the-point drop-down lists, and a logical site map. Before performing other tasks, you will want visitors to be able to navigate your website with much ease. For this reason, adding visual cues that show where the visitor is within the website will be helpful.

The elements and links on the website should also follow a logical order or categorisation to make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. Moreover, you can use animated banners to show a gist of your featured projects, which can contain links to their pages.

Lastly, use legible fonts, colour contrast, a combination of animated and non-animated graphics, and the proper use of menu styles to add ease to your visitors’ navigation. Put enough thought into your creation and you’ll have a web design that is aimed for results!

2. A professional portfolio

As you work in the construction industry, it only makes sense to include your portfolio on your website. Depending on what services your construction company offers, you can design a site in such a way that it will showcase these and show the visitors the best of your artisanship. At the same time, remember that the website should not be too crowded as you do not want the visitor to be overwhelmed.

3. A demonstration of excellent service

Including photos of your previous projects from digital renders to the finished product in their real locations allows you to gain the trust of visitors and potential clients. Add to this the client testimonials that you have received for these works, and you can be sure to effectively convince potential clients to strike the deal with you.

This will address the initial disconnect between your company and potential clients due to the use of a digital platform instead of the usual sit-down meeting.

4. A theme that reflects the company’s values

You can also make your website stand out by adding design touches that relate to your brand, such as brand colours and font styles.

As for the content, make sure to add a page about your team and your motivations for doing what you do. Use it to showcase your company’s identity, expertise, core values, and objectives, but make sure to do this while keeping web design principles in mind.

A website that you have put your time, effort and thoughts into should be able to draw both potential customers and valuable additions to your workforce. 


Having a website and establishing an online presence is essential for all businesses across industries, including builders like you. Word-of-mouth still has its contributions, but to be able to tap a wider market and encourage new talent to join your company, building a website will be your best option.

If you don’t have the in-house expertise to do this and are looking for a web design agency in Huddersfield, UK, our team of experts has your back. We have the skills and know-how to design a stunning website for your business that will attain your goals in the long run!

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