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Why Should You Outsource To A Social Media Company?

Outsourcing your social media marketing to us will ensure that you have a well managed social media presence, at a great price point to help deliver Return On Investment through your website.

Social Networks move fast and you have to invest a lot of time in the details to get a good Return On Investment. The best way to get a ROI is to outsource the heavy daily stuff to us. We not only have the recipe for a good social media presence and campaign, we also have a team of people that can post keyword-rich, engaging, relevant search engine friendly content on your behalf, all day, every day. All of which can be reviewed by you 7 days in advance.

Social Media Marketing

Why Not Do It Myself?

We are experts at social media marketing and understand all the “lingo” such as hash tags. Keeping a social media account up to date every day is hard work, and takes a lot of time and dedication. Posting or tweeting 4-5 times a day can be difficult when you are trying to run a business, especially if you use both Facebook and Twitter.

24/7 365 Management

We can manage your account 24/7 – posting or tweeting while you’re on holiday, have staff sickness or are tied up at that important business meeting. We schedule all your posts and tweets 7 days in advance using our online Social Media Management Console. This means you can log-in and see everything that’s scheduled to go out, easily edit it or remove it, keeping you in complete control of your social presence.

customer sure logo
It is clear that Fallen Leaf go above and beyond larger impersonal organisations. I am not a technical person so I particularly value Adam’s ability to take out the jargon and explain things to me in plain English
Really impressed with the personal service provided and ongoing ad hoc support as and when it’s required. Excellent customer service
Excellent, on a number of instances Fallen Leaf Design went beyond what was contractually required in order to help and achieve a better end result. Our new site was produced on time and on budget
Fallen Leaf came recommended to us, After our first meeting it was obvious to me that they certainly knew what they were talking about. I can say that Fallen leaf were able to meet our expectations, and even surpassed them
Enhance You Trustworthiness

You will see an increase in online conversion ratios on your web site as trust plays a large part in this process. People are reassured by a regularly updated social media feed, it shows you are open for business and engaged directly with your customer base.

Brand Recognition
Social Media is the very best place to put your brand in front of potential customers. Whereas traditional forms of advertising need to be seen numerous times for them to hit home, social media platforms enable you (and your brand) to reach the customer in the comfort of their own environment without bombarding them with a pushy sales message.
Get Ahead of Your Competition

Are your competitors using Social Media Marketing? If they are, they are probably not embracing it as they should. This is your chance to get ahead! After all, if they are engaging well with social media, you risk being left behind. When clients visit a web site they expect to see an active social media presence and may judge you if there isn’t or worse, if they see one that hasn’t been updated in months.


Grow Your Authority

When people see a regularly updated social media feed with facts and information about your business and industry, it gives you authority in the marketplace, which, in turn, increases your credibility and web site conversion rates.

Return On Your Investment

Well let’s be honest, this is what it’s all about really. Over time you will be able to track the conversion rate and web site visitor traffic that social media is getting your business. With hundreds of millions of social media users, can you afford not to get your business in front of the masses?

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Over the years Google has placed more and more emphasis on social media signals and metrics. Having regularly updated content on your web site is key to this. Our Social Media Management Service includes a Bespoke Free Twitter Feed that we will embed directly into your website, helping to keep content fresh. This will help your SEO team in moving you up the rankings.


 Get in touch for a chat and free consultation. We would love to discuss your Social Media Marketing project and answer any questions you may have.