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UKLR - Find Land For Sale

UKLR approached us with a great concept for a land and development listing website. The platform provides agents & private sellers the ability to list their land and development opportunities for sale.

Having had a website built that had only just recently launched, UKLR were unhappy with the finished system in terms of design and functionality. We worked with the UKLR team over the coming months to understand their unique service offering and design and plan a system around it. The system posed a number of challenges and hurdles which we worked with them overcome implementing new & improved features as the project developed. A great project that we loved working on and hope to continue to help UKLR grow their unique and great business.

Client Feedback

“They’ve come up with some extremely good suggestions and solutions, whilst being open to amendments when required or suggested. Fallen Leaf’s focus has been to gain the best for UKLR, in design, functionality and with regards to the internet. Some really valuable ‘extras’ have been added into the site, making it easier to navigate, administrate and evaluate.”