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100% website traffic visibility

Gain Total Control and Insight over your marketing data while protecting your users privacy.  

The power to protect privacy & gain business insight

With FL Analytics, your data is entirely your own, free from external scrutiny.

Our solution offers all the features of Google Analytics completely GDPR complaint with its cookieless and anonymous tracking integration meaning that no PIP - Personal Identifiable Information is held about your website visitors. This means no consent banners before you can track visitors giving you 100% overview of your website traffic.

In contrast to Google Analytics, which leverages user data for its advertising agenda, FL Analytics offers a secure way to utilise analytics without the concern of your data being repurposed for marketing or any other objectives.

All features for one simple price

Unlike other analytics platforms we don't offer tiered pricing based on page views or strip features out and charge extra for them. We offer a simple price of £30 per website per month for full unlimited access.  

Visitor Data

Gain insights into your visitor demographics and strategically target those more likely to convert.

Behaviour Data

Understand the impact of your content & develop more effective user journeys that influence your business.


Effectively track and measure the key actions you desire from your website visitors.


Discover the marketing channels that have the biggest ROI for your business


Gain a deep understanding of your customer profiles and obtain detailed insights into their buying patterns


Get weekly automated reports about your website performance.

No Data Limits

Unlike other platforms there's no limitation to the data you can store. 

100% Visibilty

Don't miss out on important marketing data due to GDPR restrictions. 

No Consent Required

No need for consent from your visitors with our 100% GDPR Complaint Solution. 
Get up and running in 24 hours with our free setup and Google Analytics data import.