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Video production, editing & marketing

Lights, camera action! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth millions…

Let’s get your customers engaging with great videos that captivate your audience and communicate your message through images, footage, narration, captions, animations, music… Video is an amazing, flexible medium!

It can communicate your message, talk about your product, sell your services and promote your company in a way that copy or pictures alone simply can’t.

Did you know?

3.25 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched each month! With an average viewing time of 40 mins, it’s clear that video is dominating the time spent online, and with only 9% of small businesses on YouTube, the market is wide open: it’s time to get your voice heard!

Video is not just for YouTube, however. Video content supercharges the impact and sales potential of your website, social media promotions, e-shots and more.

Within less than 24 hours of contacting Fallen Leaf they had researched the business and got a really good understanding of what we were looking to achieve, and of our potential market. They’ve come up with some extremely good suggestions and solutions, whilst being open to amendments when required or suggested. Fallen Leaf’s focus has been to gain the best for us

Fallen Leaf not only has vision, in every aspect but a superb understanding of SEOs and other tools to help get us recognised in the market.

Meg Plummer – Property Sector

Time for a story…

We can help to plan your video storyboard, create great content and produce awesome videos for your business. It’s important to plan each video – the scenes, content and messages, and get all this woven into an engaging video that grabs your audience’s attention.

We’ve helped lots of happy clients to create video for their business, from a simple Christmas e-card to product explainer videos and tours around luxury accommodation (and we’ve loved them all)!

Video – a multi purpose marketing medium

Marketing videos can play a number of roles in your business in both push and pull marketing strategies, from showcasing your brand and offer your trade stand to driving traffic to your website with great product demos and helpful tutorials.

latest projects

Check out some projects we have had the pleasure to work on recently or view our portfolio for more examples of our work. Looking for something specific? we have worked on hundreds of projects across all sectors so if you don't find an example similar to yours; get in touch and we can draw on our experience to advise on your project.

Want to engage your customers?

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