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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click simply means that each time someone clicks on your advert, the agreed cost per click is billed. The costs per click vary depending on the competitiveness of your keywords.

Pay-per-click can be a great way to drive instant traffic to your website. Using platforms such as Google Adwords, LinkedIn and Facebook we can create targeted measurable pay-per-click campaigns to meet your budget and goals. As with search engine optimisation, we identify your customer demographics and analyse which search terms to target for maximum return on your investment.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a system for propelling yourself to the top of the Google rankings in an instant!

The adverts that you see right at the top of Google when your search are all Adwords Ads. Adwords can be a great way to see instant results without waiting for your website to rank organically (which can take weeks or months) and can help to support an SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign in the early stages.

Exceptional. Previous experiences left me a little cold with web agencies, but you exceeded my expectations and walked me through every step of the way, i will be highly recommending your services and returning for future projects.

Tom Morris – Gym Owner

Facebook pay-per-click advertising

If yours is a B2C business, then Facebook is a great place to advertise. With millions of users 24/7, Facebook adverts can put your business services or products right in front of your customers with their highly targeted demographic algorithms.

LinkedIn pay-per-click advertising

LinkedIn is perfect for B2B businesses… Since Microsoft bought LinkedIn, it has focused sharply on developing tools for delivering carefully targeted adverts. Want your business to be seen by company directors in London of businesses in the manufacturing industry? No problem… The LinkedIn route is your solution!

Google merchant advertising

Similar to Google Adwords, Google merchant advertising is a way of displaying your e-commerce website products when customers search for them online. With its low cost per click, this is often a more cost-effective form of advertising for e-commerce shop owners.

Our expert team will set up your merchant account, send a direct feed of selected products to Google with accurate product information and stock levels, and start driving sales almost immediately.

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Finding the right solution for you

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