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Leap IT

A 6 year relationship of digital solutions

About Leap IT

Leap IT is a leading Birmingham-based IT services provider. Driven by a belief that brilliant IT starts with brilliant support, Managing Directors Chris Boehm and Stuart Watson ensure that the responsive and proactive Leap IT team delivers the very best. Their wide service portfolio includes technical systems, cloud services and communication solutions for businesses of all sectors.

The Challenge

When Leap IT first approached us in 2014, they wanted an experienced team who could help them increase their search rankings and grow their digital presence. IT sector search results are highly competitive and Pay Per Click IT advertising can be expensive, so a cost-effective search engine optimisation (SEO) solution was essential. In addition, the Leap IT team was keen to replace the old site design with a clean, smart look that better matched the company’s professionalism and credibility.

Making It Happen

Our extensive research into relevant keywords, search volumes, competitors and existing website performance to date allowed us to create a clear 12-month strategy for increasing the Leap IT rankings.

Within just a few months of starting our work together, Leap IT reached ‘page 1, position 1’ rankings for a number of the key search terms, and as the work continued, we were able to place them in position 1 for IT Support in the Birmingham area – an outstanding result!

With our SEO strategy delivering exciting results, we continued to work with them to plan, design and develop a brand new website that showcased their status as one of Birmingham’s top IT companies.

How we made a difference

Our relationship with Leap over the last six years has helped them to stand out in a particularly crowded marketplace. Crucially, the development has earned them returns on their investment, with increased search engine rankings creating qualified business leads and sales.

We remain on hand to help the Leap IT team to continue its strategy for growth. Latest digital developments include landing pages for marketing campaigns and bespoke, branded forms such as a fully compliant Direct Debit instruction for their customers’ use.

The Feedback

We’ve been working with the team at Fallen Leaf since 2014 and they’ve always given us a first-class service. When we go to them with lots of ‘Can we…?’ questions (which we often do!), they always understand exactly what we need and how they can best deliver it. I’d recommend Fallen Leaf to everyone who wants to develop their website or needs bespoke software for their business.

Stuart Watson - Managing Director

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