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WordPress: Background

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of working with WordPress, this is quite simply one of the most versatile and easy-to-use website platforms available. It’s open source, which means it’s easy for web site designers like us  to customise. With that in mind, Web designers are able to make amazing WordPress websites for their clients at highly affordable rates.

But versatility and affordability are only two parts of the equation. Once a WordPress website has been set up and built out by us, it’s incredibly easy to update, modify by you. There’s no need to be particularly computer-savvy. On the contrary, anyone who’s comfortable building and maintaining their own social media profile can likely be taught to update and modify a WordPress website.

Finally, the fact that WordPress is open source means that developers can easily create plugins and add-ons that can be integrated into it. WordPress plugins work similarly to apps on your smart phone, in that they enhance its functionality, automate tasks and otherwise improve upon the base platform. In the next section, we’ll talk about one of the most powerful plugins currently available for WordPress.

WooCommerce: A Powerful Plugin

WordPress is the fastest-growing platform for e-commerce website creation, but it requires customisation through a plugin like WooCommerce to operate correctly. Along those lines, WooCommerce is one of the most valuable plugins you can add to your WordPress site, Transforming your WordPress website into a fully functional e-commerce portal.

WooCommerce makes WordPress e-commerce design easier than ever, and it offers an impressive range of functionality:

  • Payment portals: Features multiple payment portals, including BACS transfer, PayPal, cash on delivery and more.
  • Inventory tracking: Automatically keeps track of your inventory so that you don’t end up selling products that aren’t currently in stock.
  • Analytics and reporting: Offers a host of reporting features so that you can compare best-sellers, examine sales over a particular period and much more.
  • Shipping options: Allows highly customisable shipping options so that your customers can choose the type of shipping that suits them best.
  • Tax settings: Automatically calculates tax and other add-ons at check-out based on the variables you input.
  • Variable products: Allows you to create variable products so that, for example, the same shirt could come in a range of sizes and colours – with no need to create individual products for each variation.

At Fallen Leaf Design, we’re experts in WordPress web design, and we can set up your site with a high-powered e-commerce portal powered by WooCommerce. And given the extent to which WordPress and WooCommerce can be customised by our skilled website desingers, we’ll see to it that your site is tailored to suit your precise needs and specifications.

Expand Your Online Shop’s Functionality with WooCommerce Extensions

The WooCommerce plugin enhances the functionality of your WordPress website and transforms it into a high-powered online shop. But it can also be enhanced with plugin-specific plugins – also known as extensions. These are essentially plugins that modify the way that WooCommerce operates.

These premium extensions can provide even more impressive functionality to your shop. These allow you to do even more with your e-commerce shop than the basic platform permits – and that’s saying a lot.

This is where it really becomes difficult to beat a WooCommerce shop. With the experts at Fallen Leaf Design at the helm, we can create an online shop that looks every bit as good and operates every bit as well as the heaviest-hitting e-commerce sites on the Web. In short, it allows your small shop or start-up to punch well above its weight.

Tools like WordPress and WooCommerce are easy to use once set up, but it takes more than a little expertise to set up an e-commerce site that really looks and operates the way it should. That’s where Fallen Leaf Design can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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