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Benefits of Google and Facebook reviews

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Whenever someone decides to purchase something from a business , most of the time they will turn to the internet to read online reviews to find out more about the company, what the previous customers experience was like and the level of service they can expect to get.

Both Google and Facebook have review systems (or in Facebook’s case, a new recommendation system) that allow people to state their opinion, either positive or negative, of their experience with a business. These features allow potential customers to see for themselves how other customers experiences went with a particular company.

Read on to learn more about Google and Facebook reviews and how they will benefit your company in the long run.

Google Reviews

Google reviews are there for people to have their say on what they think of your company and how their experience was. These reviews can be crucial for giving a big credibility boost whilst raising other people’s awareness of your business. The best thing about reviews is that it doesn’t even cost you a penny!

So, what exactly is Google Review?

Google Reviews are reviews that are left on your google business listing and shows a star rating for your company. Customers can review your business out of 5 stars and leave written feedback. These reviews are advertisements in themselves; they drum up visibility for your business which in return will attract new customers.

Other people looking at your reviews are more likely to decide to use your business rather than just looking at your website and the services/products you offer. This is because potential customers like to know how other people felt about dealing with your business. If they see someone had a great experience where they felt they had been treated above and beyond what was normal then it is more likely they will want to use your businesses service/buy your products.

In short, customers love Google reviews. In fact, 83% of buyers feel like they cannot trust advertisements. However, most people feel like reviews are more personal than advertisements with 56% of people trusting reviews above anything else.

Facebook Recommendations

Statistics show that 68% of consumers prefer to go to social media, mostly through Facebook, to look at reviews for businesses. In this day and age, people of all ages use Facebook. There is no specific audience meaning that absolutely anyone around the world can sign up and write reviews about companies.

Facebook is an extremely powerful tool to advertise your business. You can create a page and have people ‘like’ it in order to build up your following. However, Facebook users are also able to write reviews on your page by saying whether they recommend it and writing a comment to back it up too.

When the users write reviews, this gives all the other users an opportunity to comment on the original reviews and interact with other commenters. This is an appealing aspect for Facebook users because everyone loves to have an opinion and interact with others about their opinions. The positive for you as the business owner is that you get to interact in the comments section of the users review too! Through replying to your customers Facebook review’s yourself, it will feel more personal for them, so they have an overall better experience at the end of it.

However, not all reviews will be entirely positive. Facebook users love to express their opinion in the reviews section if they feel they have not had a good experience when using your business’s services/products. This gives you, as the business owner, a chance to respond to the unhappy customers and find out what went wrong and how you can improve your business’s customer service. This is still positive as other potential customers will see you replying and trying to fix the problem which would show that you care about your customers and their experience when dealing with your business.

Other Review Systems

It’s always best to have an online review system. Whether it’s a page on Facebook, a third-party system, or even a review page on your own website! Having somewhere for consumers to write about their experience with your business will highly benefit you. It will also allow potential customers to view how the experience of others went.So, get online and start being more pro-active with your business’s reviews!

Want to read ours? No problem.

We have reviews on Google, Facebook and third-party review websites – check out some of our reviews here.

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