As a business, we are always looking for new ways to help promote our clients businesses across the web. Video has become a vital part of digital marketing and is only set to become more important.

Over the last 6 months. we have been working in partnership with two of our close digital partners, Liquid Lens a leading video production company & Social Progress a social media training & marketing company.

We recognised that video marketing was out of the reach of most small businesses due to the high costs involved in having a bespoke video made. Whilst there are many solutions out there to make your own video, most are just too complicated and too time consuming for businesses to use.

So after many months of planning & development, we launched Right Now Video. Right now video is the brand new concept for getting great bespoke marketing videos for your business.

Right Now Video have a wealth of videos for every industry that is growing every day. Simply find the video you like, provide your message, company logo, imagery and social media details and within no more than 3 days you will receive a bespoke marketing video for your business!

With videos under £100 Right Now Video provides simple, easy, affordable marketing video’s that don’t cost the earth.

The concept has created a lot of interest in the industry with the site taking orders right from launch day.

Video marketing is taking the world by storm with 80% of sales converted when a video is included in the buying process. 90% of end users say that video helped them with their choice of purchase and 79% of customers remember a video they saw in the last 30 days.

Check our Right Now Video to get great affordable videos for your business.