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5 Helpful Tips for Effective Marketing on Social Media- Our Guide

Creating a page for your business is easy, but building your brand identity and encouraging high levels of engagement on these platforms can be challenging. This is made especially difficult by the fact that many other companies also resort to social media marketing.

To help you out, here are five essential things that you should remember and follow to ensure the effectiveness of your social media marketing:

1. Start with one social media network

Creating a social media page for your business is very easy and convenient that you may want to create ones on different social media networks and eventually get overwhelmed. If you are just starting out with social media marketing, it would be best to establish your brand on one network first. Doing so will help you build strong connections and drive up engagement with your target audiences.

For instance, if you are selling goods, Facebook or Instagram are great social media networks that you can utilize since these priorities visual content.

2. Follow the 60/20/20 rule

Many businesses make the mistake of stuffing their pages with either too much promotional content or non-relevant information. If you want to maintain and increase traffic to your page, you should balance your content accordingly. Some businesses follow the 60/20/20 rule when planning content for their pages.

That 60/20/20 rule entails that your page should contain:

  • 60% helpful information that is relevant to your brand
  • 20% engagement posts to interact with your audience
  • 20% self-promotional content

Remember, the best way you can encourage people to purchase your product or support your cause is to give them helpful information that is related to your brand. For instance, if you are selling skin care products, you should publish articles and infographics about tips for healthy, glowing skin.

3. Use relevant and popular hashtags

One great feature that most social media sites have is hashtags. These are words or phrases that people attach to their posts to reach more audiences. Using hashtags makes your post more accessible to thousands or millions of online users. However, you should know how and when to use them.

Here are some tips on how to use hashtags effectively:

  1. Use single-word or short-phrase relevant and popular hashtags
  2. Do not put too many hashtags on one post
  3. Do not use hashtags alone when posting
  4. Create your own branded hashtag and incorporate it on your posts, if applicable

If you plan to use hashtags as part of your social media marketing technique, take note that they will work best on specific social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

4. Use graphics on each of your posts

People nowadays engage more with visual content rather than text, so it just makes sense if you incorporate graphics into your posts. Heavy-text content does not appeal to online users, so relying on it too much will only bring negative results. Graphics that you can include are:

  • Photographs
  • Infographics
  • Digital art

Just like written content, there are specific guidelines that you may follow when creating graphics for your brand. For instance, Facebook has a different graphic requirement than Instagram, specifically regarding the appropriate image sizes.

5. Schedule your posting

Another important factor that affects your social media marketing is consistency. No matter how high-quality and relevant your content is, people will not consistently engage with your page if you do not follow a particular pattern when posting.

To keep your audience, create a schedule when posting. You can review reports that show the day and time where most people are online and engaging with your social media posts.


Social media marketing is very convenient and in-demand today, especially since most people spend most of their time online. However, competition among businesses is tight on these platforms. To make sure that you stand out against your competitors, you should balance your content, use graphics, and be consistent with your posting schedule.

If you are looking for a reputable digital marketing agency in Huddersfield that will help you level up your social media marketing, contact us today!

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