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5 Features of an effective website

Web design is the key to a successful website. When designing, your goal should be to create an aesthetically appealing and highly functional website that can attract your target market and draw in users to your website. The website’s functional value will make visitors stay, transact business with you, and can translate into a conversion. When you strike a balance between visual appeal and functionality, you can ensure a robust website that can contribute to your overall business success.

Before we go any further, we will discuss the five essential features of highly effective web design and see what elements you need to incorporate for your website.

1. Concise copy

When coming up with a marketing copy or content for your site, nothing can beat a simple, clear, and concise copy. Your goal should be to produce a post or an article that readers can easily understand, and you want the message to be conveyed as clearly as possible. When you have your readers in mind, you can create a fresh, compelling, and useful content that will instantly resonate with your audience. This is why you must make sure that it’s concise!

2. Readability

Legibility is the key to developing an effective website. When creating and publishing texts, you have to make sure that they can be read and understood. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of posting them in the first place if your readers won’t be able to comprehend them? Know that readability extends beyond having an excellent copy to include larger size, sans serif fonts, and the likes.

3. Intuitive navigation

When it comes to navigation, visitors demand easy navigation. As much as possible, it has to be user-friendly. Your site should also allow your users to navigate from one page to another seamlessly. Imagine the frustration that your users can have if they can’t seem to navigate on your web pages with ease and convenience. Chances are, they’ll ‘bounce’ out of your site and search for a competitor’s offer instead.

4. Whitespace

Take note of the minimalist approach in web design—less is more. A cluttered site with too many visuals, details, and information can be quite overwhelming for the visitors. This is where whitespace comes into the picture Whitespace refers to the empty space on your site around all the elements (photos, graphics, copy, lists, and forms). Whitespace will exude breathing space on your site and leave a calming effect on users because they can truly focus on the essentials.

5. Colour psychology

Never miss out on the use of colour psychology for your web design. Colour plays a vital role in business and marketing. The use of colour psychology can dramatically impact moods, feelings, and even emotions. Make use of colours that best represent your brand, and at the same time, ones that effectively resonate with your target audience. When incorporating a colour scheme for your website, give it much thought before making a final decision.

Striking a balance between the aesthetic and functional value of your website is imperative. When in the process of designing your website, consider the six essential elements outlined above. All these will make a significant difference on your website, which will translate into your overall business success.

If you are looking for a great web design, get in touch with our web design company in Huddersfield today! We’re happy to help.

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