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4 Tips in Redesigning Your Website for Improved Online Presence - Our Guide

Keep in mind that you cannot attract your target audience and convince them to stay if you do not focus on your web design – it can make or break your business’ online reputation and reach.

If your website has had its same look for quite some time, or you think your current look isn’t doing your business any good, it may be high time to work on a redesign. In this article, you’ll find four practical tips to ensure that your new look enhances your business’ online presence:

1.  Adopt a Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Today, users surf the web on different devices and quickly switch from a laptop to a tablet or smartphone. As a response to this trend and to provide your website visitors with a smooth experience, you must consider adopting a responsive web design for your site.

This approach is all about designing and developing a website that automatically responds to a user’s behaviour and preferences based on various factors, such as screen size, orientation, and platform. If your website does not have the technology to automate this response and instantaneously accommodate the differences in resolution and scripting abilities, know that the resulting gap in user experience can drive your customers away.

2. Uncomplicate your site navigation 

Your users will want to explore your site as soon as they land in it. Because of this, you must pay attention to how you craft your website navigation. It must be clear and straightforward, in terms of the labels and designs so that the users will be able to look around your website without much problem and find what they need quickly.

3.  Stay updated with the latest trends in web design

Know that jQuery effects, particularly banners, bookmarks, and display badges, have been on the rise in the world of web design. Moreover, typography has also enjoyed a significant rise to popularity, and people appreciate this in different visual media.

The use of stunning animation alongside impressive fonts will give your business’ website its much-needed glow up to attract your audience’s attention. Once you have caught their attention with your interesting and trendy website, it’s easy to be the talk of the town.

4. Keep your website simple

Previously, you might have been under the impression that the best websites are those that do more. While it is true that you must provide sufficient information about your business, you must strive to keep everything simple at the same time.

Having a complex design with many colours and excessive animations can overwhelm your visitors and keep them from coming back. Information overload caused by big chunks of text also doesn’t help.

Today, one of the top trends in web design is a seamless interface packaged in a simple yet sophisticated design. You don’t necessarily have to do more to establish a solid online presence. On the contrary, what you must do is to design simple and easily accessible websites to empower your customers.


A website redesign is necessary occasionally to ensure that your website stays modern. It is also beneficial in helping you compete with other businesses and establishing and maintaining your online presence and credibility.

If you’re working on your web design and require the help of a web design company in Huddersfield, we’re the ones to call! With our expertise, you will be able to have a website that is tailor-made to your needs. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you grow with our innovative digital solutions!

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