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4 Cringeworthy Social Media Marketing Mistakes Brands Make

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Social media can be tricky to use. It's a free tool where you can post anything, without limitations. Because of this, you tend to forget to follow specific strategies to make your posts work for you. Knowing that you can do anything with your page can sometimes be problematic. Instead of creating more engaging content, you might not notice that you're doing it all wrong.

If you’re a brand wanting to thrive on social media, let us help you level up your game. To start, please do not commit any of these social media marketing mistakes:

Mistake 1: Posting for the sake of posting

People see hundreds of posts every day. If you have nothing valuable to say, it is better not to post at all. Most people and brands feel like they need to post regularly to make themselves relevant. However, the idea of posting, especially for brands, is to create narratives or little relatable stories that relay your brand message and establish your brand more.

Posting a random, uninspired content would only add clutter to the already messy online world. Plus, more social media users become smarter and wiser each day. They can immediately recognise if your low-quality content was simply made for the sake of posting. Moreover, having not so well-thought-out content would only negatively affect your engagement score.

If you want to stay relevant, post quality content that would be compelling to your audience, at the same time, encourage engagement with people.

Mistake 2: Sticking to your format

People on Instagram often commit this mistake. If you are a brand that prefers to maintain a grid for aesthetic pleasure, know that it also has its limitations. For example, consider yourself a brand that only uploads inspirational quotations in every second tile on your Instagram feed. While it makes your feed appear clean, this hidden rule you set yourself can obstruct your content distribution. Moreover, it takes away that magic and authenticity from real-time sharing.

Having planned content is not wrong, but it can also interrupt your creative flow from time to time. Instead of posting the relevant content now, you need to wait until you meet your scheduled quote content. Worse, you’d sometimes force yourself to produce other unnecessary content to reach that next Instagram tile you’ve been waiting for.

Mistake 3: Only focusing on the selling part

Sometimes, because you want to achieve your desired results faster, you forget that there are steps you need to take before making it happen. For instance, brands should first establish themselves to earn the trust of their customers.

How do they achieve this? They focus first on introducing themselves, showing their brand personality, and staying authentic and real. Then, instead of asking people to purchase from them, they show people what they can offer first, and sometimes, they give this for free.

It is a slow but sure way to get your customers’ loyalty and trust. Once you get them, that’s when you implement your promotions, and you’d surely get a better result from all your hard work.

Mistake 4: No brand consistency

Having content variety is essential, but make sure to do it in a still cohesive way. If you want to make a mark, make sure that your followers would recognise that all your content came from your brand.

You don’t have to be monotonous in the content you release. What you can do is to stick to your branding and make your own thing. Create unique content that speaks your brand and stay consistent.


Sometimes you don’t know what you’re doing wrong until someone spots them and point them out. Now that you know these four cringe-worthy mistakes brands commit on their social media pages, do your best to veer away from them. Doing so can help improve your social media performance and audience engagement.

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