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3 Tips in Making an Effective Video Marketing Campaign - Our Guide

Utilising video content on your marketing campaign

Using video content is an entirely different medium compared to simply using text or images for one’s digital marketing efforts. The combination of sound design, stunning visuals, and compelling storyboarding is what makes video a unique format for advertising campaigns.

In this article, we will share a three-step-guide in making an effective video marketing campaign:

1. Make content with a purpose

In creating a video for a brand, you should always identify the essential questions that consumers ask when viewing a video. When it comes to goal-setting for designing around video content, it would be best if you define what your customers will gain from watching the video.

  • Is it promoting an advocacy partnership?
  • Is it for highlighting your newest product?
  • Is it a teaser for an upcoming event?

These are some of the questions that can help you define what the video is for. It will be easier for you to create a call to action at the end of your video or in your post’s copy when you know what the video will answer for your digital marketing campaign’s needs.

2. Tell stories with effective cinematography

People love a brand that knows how to tell a storm, and video is the perfect medium to tell your brand’s story in a way that neither text nor visuals can capture on its own. Make it a point to create viral content while remaining genuine and self-aware at the same time.

Depending on your brand’s tone, you can use different cinematic elements to help deliver your ad’s message. You can use infomercial type graphics to better guide your viewers in highlighting your message or use animated visuals to create a simple yet effective advertisement that can capture your audience’s attention.

With the freedom to use various techniques within a fifteen second to a full two-minute video advertisement, you’ll be able to make complete use of cinematography elements to present a unique experience of your brand’s character and tone in a creative way.

3. Execute a clear distribution strategy

One of the many mistakes that business owners commit is that they don’t know how to distribute their content effectively. Putting your video on your website or social media profile isn’t the first and last step in your campaign. You need to gain continuous traction on your video by making your subscribers share it on their personal feeds and groups.

The best way to prompt your followers to do this is by making a quality video that’s worthy of being shared. As a bonus, you could also offer incentives in sharing your content, such as free discounts or raffle opportunities. Allowing your customers to interact with your content long after you’ve made it is a sign of a successful advertising campaign.


Remember, when it comes to video content, you are allowed to be as versatile as you can while being mindful of your customer’s attention span. Having a video ad that’s too long can make them lose interest in what you’re presenting. Know when to go the extra mile in creating lengthy videos and when to craft short yet impactful ads that will work well for your marketing efforts.

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