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Merchant Services

Card Payment Solutions

As an accredited supplier of merchant services through the worlds largest acquiring bank, we can offer highly competitive rates for your card payment solutions. Often far cheaper than the high street banks.

Our customers benefit from:

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Powerful online dashboard to manage your account
  • Fast release of funds into your account
  • Terminal & online payment solutions in one place
  • Assistance with PCI Compliance
  • No Premium charges
Card Terminal With Credit Card

Increase Your Revenue

Reduce Banking Costs

Improve Cashflow

Improve Customer Service

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Accept Payments Online / E-Commerce

Over the years we have built lots of online shops for clients, and integrated many payment solutions. With our accreditation we are now able to go one step further and set up all services for our clients direct with the worlds largest acquiring bank.

We take all the hassle out of setting up your account, negotiating rates, and integrating the solution, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

Got an existing online shop? Looking for us to build you a new online shop? Either way our online payments service can be integrated into any website, providing fast secure checkout for your customers, and great rates for you.

Our online payment services include: 

  • 3D Secure payments that reduce Fraud Risk
  • Merchant Bank Account
  • Customized Payment Page
  • PCI Compliance Assistance
  • No Premium Payment Charges
  • Powerful Online Dashboard to Manage Your Account

Accept Card Payments On The Go

If you have a mobile workforce, accepting card payments on the go is the perfect solution to reducing bad debts, and increasing your cash flow.

Our mobile terminals allow you to accept payments on the go, lightweight portable machines with extra long battery life mean they will always be ready when you need them.

Our roaming SIMS ensure complete connectivity no matter where you are, meaning you’ll never miss a payment.

Make payments even faster with our contactless terminals that allow customers to wave their card over the machine to take payment, great for taxi drivers and businesses accepting low payment amounts.

On The Go Cards
Card Terminal

Accept Card Payments In Your Shop

We offer a range of card payment solutions to suit your business. From fixed terminals for newsagents and clothing stores, to wireless Bluetooth devices for restaurants we can help.

Accepting card payments is a great way to reduce queues in your shops. Our terminals also come with the new contactless payment solution. This solution is great for shops that take lots of small transactions, as customers don’t even need to enter their pin.

All they do is wave their card over our terminals and payment is taken instantly. Easier for your customers and for you, after all no one likes waiting in a long queue to pay.

Virtual Terminals

A Virtual Terminal is an online system allows you to process payments over the telephone from your customers. This could be when a customer calls to place an order, or at the end of the month when you phone to take payment for their outstanding account.

As there is no need to have a physical card machine, this can reduce the costs of having a terminal at your location. Virtual Terminals work great for companies who need to process payments over the phone without their customers present.

Our Virtual Terminal Solutions

  • Powerful Online Dashboard To Manage Your Account
  • Easy To Use Online Interface
  • Create Multiple Users So You Can Monitor Payments Taken
  • Fast & Simple Set-up Process
  • PCI Compliance Assistance
  • NO Long Term Contracts
Virtual Card Terminal


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