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What is copy and why do you need it?

With the advent of the Internet and the rapid increase in web sites, which have become the shop window for most companies these days, copy for web sites is often being done by the company themselves, or the web designer and not professional writers.

Writing good copy takes time and web designers have different things to focus on when designing a web page and writing copy is not the priority. Sloppy, badly written copy will put-off many potential customers so making it a priority makes sense. Clear, accurate, interesting copy is the domain of the copywriter and having your copy written by a professional could make all the difference.

How good copy can add value to your web page

Making sure the copy on your web page reflects you, your company ethos and your products both adds to your credibility and gives the positive impression you make with your web page. Copy can give information and advice, share knowledge and experience and be funny, factual, informative or personal.

The best copy is clear, accurate, easy-to-read, error-free and professional. Regular updates to your web page, including blog posts, will optimise your page for search engines to make sure your company and its products stay near the top of the page.


Our Copywriting service

Candy, our copywriter, is an English graduate and has had more than 30 years experience of teaching English language and literature. During that time she has also written articles for newspapers and magazines; copy for websites (including schools, hotels and training centres); as well as a weekly blog.
She is also a copy editor, which means she will proof read and edit copy you have written yourself to make sure it is accurate, easy to read and grammatically correct.

She can make sure your page is updated and refreshed regularly by writing a weekly blog post for you too.  So why not employ the skills of an experienced copywriter to make sure that the copy on your web site is worthy of you, your product and your company?


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Product Descriptions

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